If you or a family member suffers from the effects of cerebral palsy, you may have been told that there simply is nothing that can be done to help that person. That can not be further from the true. While this condition is due to damage to the motor region of the brain, there has been increased understanding of how certain therapies may be able to help the patient to reach the highest level of control over their posture and movements as possible, and the key is knowing how to obtain those therapies.

In California, the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation can assist you in finding a local organization that can help you or your family member in getting the services that are needed. Those that are left to their own devices at home are known to suffer when it comes to their quality of life. In youth, while every child goes through the development process there are means of achieving the highest goals that are possible given the particular form or cerebral palsy. There is no miracle cure, but with the right interventions from education to physical therapies, there can be a great deal more progress seen. Other organizations throughout California can help to match patients with what is known as management programs as well. These programs work to collaborate as many resources as is needed to provide the patient with the highest quality of life possible.

In the not so distant past, many people with the range of conditions known as cerebral palsy were assumed to not have a chance at a real life. Thanks to amazing work by Physical Therapist, educators, doctors and other specialists it is now known that the interventions that take place early in life can make a substantial difference.