Is there are the more storied area of New York City than Harlem? This neighborhood has deep roots when it comes to the history of this country, the Civil Rights Movement and much more. Just the simple fact that it’s part of the largest city in the US makes it a great place to live. Why rent when you can buy, right? If you can pick up real estate in Harlem for cheap, then you’ve scored yourself a deal. When looking at apartments for sale Harlem sure is a great place to begin and end your search.

Did you know that Harlem is actually part of Manhattan? You also might be surprised to know that the demographics in Harlem have changed significantly over time. For example, in Harlem today, the majority of residents aren’t African American citizens. That’s very interesting considering the history of the neighborhood.

As you browse apartments for sale Harlem has to offer, take note of the history of some of these property listings. How long have the buildings been in existence, and what can you infer about property values based on this information? Are the prices of properties what you expect? When using a mortgage calculator, how would your payment compare to renting in Harlem instead?

Sometimes it’s difficult to make that rent vs buy decision. If you rent, you don’t own the property, so that plays a role in convincing many people to buy. It certainly sounds appealing to have a Manhattan apartment in the neighborhood of Harlem for sure. Did you know that one of the nicknames for Harlem is Heaven?

There are other nicknames for this neighborhood of upper Manhattan as well. You know the song Uptown Funk, right? Well, Uptown is yet another nickname for Harlem. Of course, Uptown has been used as a nickname for parts of many cities and various locations, yet that’s what they call Harlem in Manhattan.

While Harlem is a neighborhood of Manhattan, there are neighborhoods within the neighborhood. For example, you might look at buying an apartment in the Harlem neighborhood of Hamilton Heights. This area is located in West Harlem. Essentially Harlem can be divided into three areas initially, which are north, east and west Harlem. Which area of this New York City neighborhood do you want to live in?

Harlem used to not be such a desirable place to live because its economy went down the tubes. That was the case for the New York City as a whole in many ways, yet Harlem was hit really hard. New York City has always been a desirable place to live in general, but you get the idea. Nowadays, Harlem is experiencing a resurgence when it comes to the economy.

There might not be a better time to buy an apartment in Harlem moving forward. You want to find a good deal so that you don’t overpay. Know your locations, do your homework and have an agent on your side that knows this neighborhood really well. Look at all the unique listings, and pick yourself a new place to live.