If you are starting to play baseball, there are a number of rules that you need to know.  These rules will impact the game and cause penalties for your team if they are not listened to.  It is also important to know these rules if you are going to be watching a baseball game, derivatives in sports.

The Batting Order Is Important

The batting order for each team is determined before the game and it needs to be kept to.  If an umpire is aware that a batter has come to bat out of the set order, they are able to declare them out.  They will not be able to bat for the rest of the innings and this will count against the team.

Always Keep Your Helmet On

Another rule that you need to know about relates to the helmet.  When batting and running between bases, you will need to keep your helmet on.  If you are caught without your helmet while on the field, you will receive a warning from the umpire.  A second violation of this rule will result in the player being declared out and any progress they have made will not count toward the team score.

Know What A Fair Ball Is

A ball is considered fair if the batter has hit it and it lands within the field of play or it touches or goes past first or third base within a fair space.  The ball will still be considered fair even if it goes over the foul line after this.  During this time, the batter should be running for first base because the ball is considered good and any progress will be retained.

Not Out After 3 Strikes

Most people know that after 3 strikes the batter is out, but there are times when this is not the case.  If the player is on their third strike and the catcher catches the ball then drops it, the batter is not immediately out.  However, if the battery has not run to first base before the catcher is able to throw to the fielder at first base they will be out.  It is possible to not be out on a third strike if the ball flies past the catcher as well.

It is important to note that the dropped third strike rule is not applicable in all baseball leagues.  You will need to check that the rule is applicable in the league that you will want to play in.

Making The Right Pitch

When pitching the player will need to keep one foot on the rubber during the windup and they will need to briefly come to a complete stop during the windup.  It is also important to note that the pitcher is unable to put either hand to their mouth while in the pitching area unless the umpire has allowed this.  Allowances will generally be made on colder days when the pitcher needs to warm up their hands, but any other circumstances will generally be disallowed.