You wouldn’t want to carry around a shotgun for personal protection. You also wouldn’t want to go hunting with a small caliber pistol. What you want to use your gun for will help you to determine the type of firearm that will best meet your needs. In general, there are three types of guns which are handguns, long guns, and guns that are mounted or placed on the ground rather than held by the shoot. Each type of gun has subtypes that can be considered when making a firearm purchase.

The first type of gun is a handgun. This can include pistols, revolvers, and derringers. These types of guns are typically used for personal protection and are often carried on a person’s body. Pistols are probably one of the most popular handgun types. With a pistol, a magazine will be loaded with cartridges and then placed inside the handle of a gun. Pistols can normally hold anywhere from five to 19 bullets. A revolver is a type of gun that has a rotating magazine and will normally hold around 6 bullets. When a revolver is fired, the cylinder that holds the bullets will rotate to allow another shot to occur. Another type of handgun is a derringer. This type of firearm is very short and small. A derringer is loaded by pulling the barrel downward on its hinge and the bullets are loaded directly into the back of the barrel. This type of handgun will only hold one or two bullets at a time.

Rifles and shotguns are considered long guns due to the length of the barrel and stock. These types of guns are normally used for hunting purposes. The first type of long gun, a rifle, is created to be used with two hands. The stock of the rifle will rest against the shooter’s shoulder which can help with making it easier to hit your target. A rifle gets its name from a technique that will create spiraling inside of the barrel of the gun. This spiral pattern will make the bullet spin when it’s coming out of the barrel resulting in a much straighter shot. A shotgun is another type of long gun that’s built in a similar way to a rifle. Unlike the rifle, most shotguns are used to shoot a packet that contains “shot” which is like small beads. Shotguns can also shoot solid chunks of lead called slugs.

The final type of firearm is basically any type of gun that’s to be mounted on something or placed on the ground prior to shooting. This can include machine guns, sniper rifles, and assault weapons. Machine guns are designed to continuously fire the bullets while the trigger is pressed. The gun will stop when the trigger is released or the ammo belt or cartridge is empty. A sniper rifle is used for very long distance shooting. A telescopic sight is the main feature of a sniper rifle. This allows the shooter to hit their target from large distances away. Assault weapons are typically semi-automatic with varying features. These features can include flash suppressors, detachable magazine, and a pistol grip.

Knowing the different types of firearms will come in handy if you’re looking to make a purchase. You’ll be able to choose the right gun for your needs when you’re familiar with the various types of guns. This will ensure that the gun you purchase will be successful in whatever it is that you’re trying to do with it.