Nothing feels more poignant, mesmerizing and gregarious as watching a live theater. Nothing compares to the energy of a live performance, the feedback and applause from the audience makes the performance even better.  If you never been to a live performance you need to take in a live show at least once in your lifetime and you’ll be a convert.  Here are 3 reasons to love live theater.

The Performance is Alive

With live theater, you get direct contact with the performers as they put on a show. It is far more interactive than watching TV or even going to the movies, there is no canned laugh track at the appropriate time, the performers need to invoke reactions in the crowd. Every word said and all actions of the performers get directly to you, that is, you don’t get the edited version of the drama  and mistakes happen in a live show all the time, that’s part of the charm. As a result, live theater gets you fully involved and there are no camera tricks behind the scenes, everything is laid bare in front of you

Live Theater is Educational and Inspirational

Live theater needs you to pay attention to grasp the subtle cues in the performance, you’re left thinking about the subject matter and live theater can tackle some pretty heavy subject matter.  Live theater leaves you puzzling out how the performance was put together and how the sets are constructed and how the whole thing comes together.  There is months of work that goes on behind the scenes of every live show.  Live theater is often a reflection of the culture and it has been a big part of our culture for thousands of years.  Ancient Greeks and Romans put on huge theater productions.

Live Theater Meets and Connects You With New People

It is not just the performers you make a connection with but the entire audience as you have this shared experience. Live theater brings together hundreds of people from different walks of life and differing cultures to connect them with this one performance.  Often while  discussing social or political issues…sometimes just to share in laughter.  You find yourself discussing the show with random strangers during intermission. .

Live theater cannot compare with TV or movies when it comes to spectator involvement, and entertainment.  Make no mistake movies and television are good in their own right, but theater is just a much different medium to experience.